How to Get an Office Job with No Experience

How to get an office job with no experience

To those currently working in the service industry, retail, or manual labor, office jobs can seem really attractive. Office jobs have several perks including healthcare, paid time off, working at a desk, upward mobility, and many more. While all of these perks sound great, it might seem daunting to try and get an office job without any experience. Finding an entry-level office job is not as difficult as it may seem from the outside. We’ve put together a list of tips that will help you jumpstart your career!

Types of office jobs

While looking for an entry-level office job, it is important to know what job titles are available to help you in your search. Some of the most common entry level job titles are receptionist, personal assistant, administrative assistant, customer service representative, data entry clerk, front-desk assistant, and office coordinator. Since these jobs may have a lot of overlap in responsibilities, we will go ahead and list the synopsis for the more common jobs. Just remember that the exact details of every job varies from one office to another


Receptionists are typically the first form of contact with anyone trying to interact with a company. They address general questions and requests in person, over the phone, and via email. If you have an interview with a company, the receptionist will often times help you with scheduling. Some other common names for this position are front desk clerk, secretary, and information desk clerk.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are there to support executives. This includes taking care of various tasks that the executives do not have time to manage. Oftentimes, this includes organizing their schedules and being the first point of contact when someone tries to contact an executive. Other common job titles for this position include personal secretary and administrative clerk.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks input and organize several forms of data. Typically, this includes taking physical information from paper and transferring it to a computer in the form of a spreadsheet. It is very important for a data entry clerk to enter data quickly and accurately. This being said, it is very critical to be familiar with computers, typing, and spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

Develop the right skills

To make up for a lack of experience in office jobs, you should develop the necessary skills to get the job. While the actual requirements vary from one office job to another, you should start looking at the job descriptions to determine what is needed and see how you compare.

Most office jobs require the use of computers and technology. Frequently, employers will require their entry level office workers to be familiar with the Microsoft Office suite. Most commonly, this includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Luckily, there are countless free online courses to teach you the basics. Even if you are already familiar with the software, earning a certificate proves your competence to the potential employer. 

 Another useful skill is typing. While you don’t have to be the world’s fastest typist to get an office job, it can be embarrassing if you’re typing with just two fingers. You can develop this skill by using free online typing practice software. While it may feel slower at first, typing properly and without looking down at the keyboard will be worth it in the long-run.

If you have specific skills that are applicable to certain types of businesses, you should look out for opportunities that require those skills. For example, if you are bilingual, you might have luck looking for receptionist or customer service positions at companies that do business in different countries. Since most people are not bilingual, you have a higher chance at getting this position.

Put together a resume

Now that we’ve talked about the skills necessary to get an office job, let’s put them together in the form of a resume. Most offices will require that you submit a resume along with your application, so it is very important to spend time putting one together. Your resume will not only show your work history and skillset, but also your ability to put together a professional document. It is very important that you follow the general format of a resume and avoid spelling errors. For the most part, resumes include your name, contact information, previous work experience, education, and skills. You should use a professional font such as Times New Roman while putting together your resume.

If you have never put together a resume before and are unsure of what to do, you should ask your friends to see if any of them can help. You can also look online to find templates and examples of resumes. Otherwise, you can hire a resume-writer. Unfortunately, their services can be pretty expensive, so we recommend you look at free options first.

Find Office Job Opportunities Near You

Once you are ready to apply to positions, you’ll have to find openings near you. The best way to find openings near you is to use online job boards. Google has recently come out with a new product that allows you to search through several job boards at once. Simply search for the job title that you’re looking to obtain and you should be able to find open positions. You can also use a local recruiter to connect you with employers. You should never have to pay for a recruiter, and they will help you prepare for the interview process.

Apply to Office Jobs

Once you’ve found office jobs that interest you, go ahead and apply. Simply click the apply button, and follow their instructions. The more jobs you apply to, the higher chance you have at getting a job quickly. We recommend that you apply to several jobs per day. Even if you’ve landed some interviews with your application, you should still continue applying to more positions. We recommend that you create a new and professional email address when applying to jobs. This will help organize all of your applications and progress in a single email account.

Interviewing for Office Jobs

Hopefully, you will begin to get some traction with your job applications and companies will ask you to come in for an interview. Make sure to dress professionally when going into the interview. The goal of an interview is to show your interviewer that you’re the right candidate for the job.

Confidence plays a huge role while interviewing. If you seem confident in your ability to perform certain tasks, you will have a much higher chance at getting the job. The best way to build confidence it to practice so you will be more comfortable in the interview setting. Prior to your interview, look up common interview questions and prepare your answers. Write your answers down and then practice saying them out loud in front of a mirror. While it may seem awkward, doing this will greatly increase your interview performance. You will probably have to go on many job interviews before getting a job offer. Don’t let rejection discourage you from getting an office job. Don’t take rejections personally and continue applying to more office jobs.


All in all, it may take a lot of time and effort to get an office job. However, this time and effort will be well worth it once you land a new job. These jobs have great perks and many opportunities for raises and promotions. Once you get your first entry level office job, it will be a lot easier to get another one with experience under your belt. We wish you the best of luck in finding an office job!