Seasonal Jobs for the 2019 Holiday Season and Beyond

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Seasonal jobs come in many shapes and sizes. For many, the most obvious seasonal employment is related to the winter holiday season when retail, logistics, and transportation companies have an influx of work needed to be performed. However, seasonal work can be found in a wide variety of industries. For example, summer camps and winter resorts hire seasonal employees as well. Additionally, you can create your own “seasonal” work by picking up side jobs in the ever growing gig economy. One classic winter seasonal job, of course, is shoveling snow! 

Seasonal work, by definition, is contained to a specific season. Whether the season is dictated by the weather or by consumer habits, seasonal jobs are present all year round. Seasonal positions are temporary, though many employers are willing to bring on the best of their seasonal employees into permanent positions. At the very least, most employers will invite you back for the next season. If you’re looking for seasonal employment, read on for a variety of positions you can apply for during the 2019/2020 holiday season and beyond.

Seasonal Transportation, Delivery, and Logistics Jobs

The United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, and DHL are all hiring. UPS alone plans to add over 100,000 seasonal employees for the holiday season! All 3 companies have to prepare for the massive influx of packages shipped during this season, but after the season, you could get hired into a permanent position. Last year, UPS transitioned 30% of seasonal employees to permanent positions!

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Seasonal Retail Job Opportunities

While some retail hiring is shifting to the transportation and warehousing opportunities, companies will still bring in thousands of new seasonal employees. Target alone aims to hire more than 130,000 employees to keep up with holiday demand. One of the great perks of working for a retailer during the holiday season: discounts! Some retailers offer up to 50% off merchandise. Similarly to UPS, many of the major retailers boast opportunities following the holiday season. Last year, Macy’s kept over 8,000 seasonal employees as new permanent employees. Check out some of the opportunities listed below:

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More retailers hiring for the holidays.

Seasonal Jobs at Amazon

Amazon gets a category of their own. They are hiring for warehouse positions, delivery drivers and helpers, shoppers at Whole Foods, and Amazon Air cargo loaders. They even have a website dedicated to their holiday hiring: Here’s the best news: You do not need a resume or previous work experience to apply and get hired! You can find other work with Amazon by visiting Amazon.Jobs. Be sure to check out Amazon’s work-from-home jobs as they might work into your schedule better than the other positions.

Flexible Jobs for the Holidays

At-Home Customer Service Agents

There are all sorts of opportunities for working from home as a customer service representative during the holiday season. A simple Google search will come up with plenty of results to get your search moving. However, two companies you might recognize are hiring now: Williams-Sonoma and! Both have seasonal work-from-home positions available:

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Gig Jobs

The gig economy is surely not slowing down, especially not around the holidays. From driving, shopping, walking dogs, and delivering food there is surely a gig job to be found. Now is a great time to get in considering the high demand the holiday season drives. Not to mention, the cold keeping people inside and ordering more things to their front doors! Rather than listing ALL the possibilities, because trust us, there is a LOT, here is a list of some of the best apps for finding gig jobs.

Holiday Side Hustle

Not all side hustles are created equal, and that goes for the seasons, too. If you are a crafty person, now is a great time to launch some products on Etsy! People are looking for unique and custom gifts for the holidays and many people will search Etsy to find them.

It was mentioned above, and certainly cannot be left off the list: Shoveling snow and raking leaves! It might be a struggle to put yourself out there to find clientele, but once you realize how many people are willing to pay for their yard work to be done, you’ll be experiencing your own Black Friday after the first snowfall!

Outdoor Seasonal Jobs

We’ve covered the most common winter seasonal positions, but for many, seasonal jobs means jobs dictated by the weather. Seasonal outdoor jobs come in many forms. For the snow lovers, ski resorts are a common employer of seasonal employees. Positions range from working on the mountain to extra help in the hotels that are located on or near the resort. If you’re looking for a summer position, you ought to check out positions with the National Park Service or beach resorts. Similar to ski resorts, these employers need to fill the gap for the demand generated during the summer. Looking for an outdoor seasonal job? Checkout

We hope this lists helps anyone looking to make some quick cash for the holidays or find an opportunity that could lead to a permanent position. Happy Holidays!